Girls In The Bathroom

June 28, 2012

My friends house is haunted. I normally don’t buy peoples’ bullshit ghost stories, but his entire family (and anybody that stays in the house a few nights) would agree that weird shit went on in that house. There are dozens of stories, but I’ll tell mine:

One night I showed up to my friends house for a party. I was about 18 or 19 at the time. Everybody was in the basement getting drunk and as I walked to the basement door to go down there I passed the bathroom. The light was on, the door was closed, and I heard 3 or 4 female voices inside the bathroom. “Awesome”, I thought, “there are girls at this party. I hope they’re hot.”

I stopped to listen to them for a minute. I was trying to figure out if I knew their voices or not. I could actually hear what they were saying; they were talking and laughing. I listened for about a minute.

I then went downstairs and started drinking. About 20 minutes passed and I asked my friend where the girls were that were upstairs and everybody (there were 5 or 6 guys there at this point; it was early) just stopped and stared at me. There were no girls in the house and the night before my friend had been woken up my girls’ voices coming from that bathroom. Everybody else was thrown because my friend had told them about it before I got there.

We went upstairs to check the bathroom. The door was open and the light was still on. The water was also running (?).

What kills me is I actually heard what they were saying but I don’t remember it because it didn’t seem important. I fucking heard ghosts having a conversation and I don’t remember it. Lame.

– Posted by qwop88; Reddit


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