On All Fours

June 25, 2012

My boyfriend’s friend told me about something that happened to her about five years ago.

She was driving with her friend to San Francisco from LA and was on the 5 freeway, about two hours out of SF at 3am. If you’ve never driven this, this is the area where there is NOTHING. You feel like you are in the damn middle of nowhere, and driving there at the right time (like 3am) can put you in complete solitude since it’s too early for people to be driving in/out to work, travel, etc.

They admit to being young and stupid at the time (they were both 17 when it happened) and they would drive up next to people that had hazard lights on as if they were going to help them, then they would drive away. Or they would drive through puddles (it was raining) and splash people.

They’re driving pretty fast, and catch up to a car very quickly, which turns out to actually be stopped in the very middle lane of the freeway with it’s regular lights on, but not hazard lights. So they slow down and keep driving at what she says was a steady 35 since she was looking back. Then a tall man gets out of the car and gets on the ground. So she keeps driving because all of the sudden they both feel extremely scared.

He starts running on all fours, like he’s galloping, after them. She says they screamed and sped up, and started driving 40, then 50, and looked back and he was catching up with them. Her friend starts crying and starts trying to decide if she should call the police, but didn’t considering how far out they were.

She fucking punches it and starts approaching 70 miles an hour, with this “galloping man” about 100 feet behind them. He gets closer, probably about half that (the friend says, as she was staring, not having to pay attention to the road). She starts crying too and thinking they are both going to get killed, so she hits about 80 miles and the “man” stopped in his tracks and stood up and stared, and she said for a split second, even from 80-100 feet away and only with the light emitting from her rear lights in the darkness, she looked in the rear-view mirror at him and they “locked eyes” and felt nothing like she has ever felt before.

As she was telling me this, the hair on her arms were standing up. She thinks he was possessed. They didn’t see him again, but that freaks me the fuck out.

She said they were both “good” during high school and they were not under the influence of anything and neither of them were sleep deprived. They slept before making the trip.

When she was talking about it she got all choked up when she was said she was wondering, “Just HOW fast do I have to drive to lose this thing?” I can’t imagine. Fuck.

– Posted by Killerzeit ; Reddit

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