“Don’t say anything. Don’t look at them. You need to be asleep.”

June 25, 2012

I’m one of those people that only rarely remembers their dreams. But when I do, they tend to be quite vivid.

When I was about 15, I went on a mission trip to Appalachia with my church youth group. We were all piled into a school bus, and the drive lasted at least a day and a half, so we had to stop and sleep overnight at other churches.

On the trip there, we got lost on the back roads of Ohio trying to find the place we were supposed to sleep that night.

It was about 1 or two in the morning (yeah, we were REALLY lost) and looking out the window, I must have drifted off ā€“ except the transition was so seamless I don’t remember actually falling asleep. Because one moment I was just looking out the window at the dark countryside, and the next there were all these pale, flickering people walking through the trees on either side of the road, just watching us. They were all white, and seemed almost luminous as they came closer to the road.

I looked around, and everybody else on the bus was asleep, except the driver.

The driver was this kinda stoic, old-school renfest goth guy named Christopher (NOT Chris), and he and I got each other pretty well, so I’d been sitting up front to shoot the shit with him. I remember turning around to ask him what was up with the people on the side of the road, but he was just staring straight ahead. He didn’t seem freaked out or anything, but before I could actually say anything, he said, in this really calm voice:

“Don’t say anything. Don’t look at them. You need to be asleep.”

I didn’t think the people from the road wanted to hurt me ā€“ if anything, I just felt sad for them. They all looked so lost, and their clothes were all in tatters. Some of them looked like they’d been burned. Some of them were kids.

But I believed Christopher when he told me it was better not to look at them.

I don’t remember going to sleep, but I did close my eyes, and when I opened them again we were in a small town, and the road-people were gone.

– Posted by fusionblonde; Nosleep


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