The Room At The End With The Coughing

June 5, 2012

This from a family of skeptics:

When my father was young his family moved to a large house in the city center with something like seven bedrooms (he came from a family of eleven children). My aunt took her room, by herself, in the last bedroom at the end of the hall. Within a few months she went to my Grandfather, who was a frightening man at best who didn’t have time for kids, let alone the crap they talked about, and told him she had been hearing strange noises in her room, she thought one of her brothers was playing a practical joke on her. She described the noises as coughing and choking and she was having a hard time sleeping.

Fast-forward fifteen years and my father is at a party talking to a girl, they get onto the topic of where they’ve lived and as it turns out she knows the house because she had been living in it up until recently. She seemed embarrassed but continued to ask him if he’d heard anything in the room at the end of the hall, saying she had slept in there and had heard heavy breathing and coughing. I think this is what really made my father believe but-

Backtrack fifteen years and my grandfather with all his skepticism goes to the man who is renting the house to them and tells him about the noise and wonders if it is the wind getting through or the pipes or something. As it turns out, the man had a daughter who had died of an asthma attack in the room at the end of the hall.

This is a story kept pretty hush-hush in my family, at risk of sounding strange. I wouldn’t have believed it myself, it sounds like something straight out of a book, but my father is a very serious man who wouldn’t fuck around with these things. The house was demolished sometime in the 90’s, unfortunately.

– Posted by toughnight; Reddit


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