Have no sympathy for the dead, they are free

June 5, 2012

Back when I was 17, I had just got my license and went driving around with some friends, as you do. Loud music, good times, random pitstops for no reason. The usual.

We decided that a drive through the back bush area in to rural area of Australia was a good idea at 10pm. Off we drove down the one road that would lead us out through the bush in to the darkness.

There were no lights along this road, only my high beams lit the way. As we were driving, we came across this elderly man in a cream suit with a bunch of slightly wilted flowers with his thumb out. He seemed harmless by all means, and we decided we would pick him up. It was no place for anyone to walk.

He was a really nice guy, well kept and trimmed beard. His eyes were incredibly bright aswell, a piercing blue colour. He said he was out this way because he was visiting the site of where his loved ones died. Apparently he didn’t drive any more, after the accident that had killed them. We were a little unsettled, but in the end we thought nothing of it, he was good natured and polite to boot.

We came up around a corner and he asked if he could please be dropped off there. We did so, assuming that the site was nearby. He got out of the car, we shook hands with him, wished him well and sent our sympathy to his loved ones.

He replied with “Have no sympathy for the dead, they are free. May God bless you all, children.” He turned and walked straight in to the dense bush and (I shit you not) disappeared within six steps. Like the darkness just swallowed vision of him.

It’s been a few years now, and there has been no news of any missing people in that area. My friends and I don’t know whether it was a dream, hallucination or what. We’ve gone past that same area a few times now, once walking out in to the area he went. Found nothing, though.

I won’t blame anyone for not believing this is real, because sometimes I think the same thing. But it’s a memory in my brain I can’t get rid of, so I guess it must have been true.

– Posted by JollyOldBogan; Reddit

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