The Locked Sister’s Room

May 5, 2012

I went to stay over at a friend’s place last year when his parents went out of town. There were 6 of us there and I was the only one who didn’t drink or smoke weed (strict teetotaller here)

Anyway, when we get there (new house) our friend informs us that the place is haunted and ‘freaky stuff’ had been happening. His parents even hired a few Hindu priests to exorcise the place with certain pujas and rituals to cleanse the place of unexplainable activity (even though his dad is a dyed in the wool atheist/rationalist with two PhDs, he still decided to cover all the bases when weird things began to happen).

At first the night was going well. We were having fun, the guys were slowly getting drunk and high, while I stayed sober. It only took a turn for the weird when we heard a noise and upon investigating, realized that someone locked my friend’s sister’s room while we were all sitting together in the hall.

The others were freaking out but I borrowed a set of keys to unlock the door and investigate by myself. Looked at every nook and cranny of the place and didn’t find anything suspicious. Called my friend in and he saw nothing was wrong either. We then decided to call the 4 other friends into the room.

When we returned a few seconds later, I shit you not, every goddamn shelf, drawer and cupboard in the room (even the ones too high to be reached unless you stand on a chair/are 7 feet tall) had been opened in the brief amount of time we stepped out of the room.

By now everyone was pretty terrified and high and having a bad trip, and they kept asking me for reassurance figuring that I should have a reasonable explanation (being the sober one). I don’t and we all go to my friend’s bedroom and decide to pass time by watching anime till the sun comes up.

As we were watching an episode of ‘Bleach’, one of my friends who was unfamiliar with the show asked ‘what’s the story about?’ before i casually said “oh, it’s about Gods of death who help souls cross over to the next world and..”

Before I could finish my sentence, all the taps in the bathroom switched on (the bathroom door was open and in our line of sight) and water gushed forth violently for a few seconds before it switched itself off.

Everyone freaked. We didn’t sleep a wink and went home at first light.

This is where the story ended but then a week later, when my friend’s family returns to town, his older sister (who is mentally challenged and is very child like) spends all day talking to herself in her room. He doesn’t let it bother him till she walks up to him and says “You had a party here with your friends when we were gone. You were drinking whiskey.”

When my friend freaked wondering who told her that, she just replied “My new friend. I was speaking to him in the room just now.”

Needless to stay, none of us stayed over there again.

– Posted by inb4shitstorm; Reddit


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