Pink Sweatsuit

May 2, 2012

Let me start by saying I worked in an Assisted Living center for the elderly. This is not a ghost story.

At my job we had one partner with us on every shift. This night I was working with Jessica. We were doing the ‘swing shift’ – 3pm – 11pm. I was in the kitchen cleaning up the grill after dinner and I see Jessica cleaning the tables in the dining room about five feet from me. I ask her if she wants to put another pot of coffee on or if we still have enough from after serving the residents. She doesn’t respond, which is unusual because we weren’t having a bad night or fighting or anything. I ask again and don’t see her in there anymore.

So five minutes later, Jessica comes down from a hallway and I say, “Hey, wait, where were you?” She says she was helping Helen to bed. (This is a common task for the time of night and takes about twenty minutes because she has severe dementia.) I say, “That’s crazy! I swear I saw you in the dining room while I was cleaning the kitchen… but it couldn’t have been you actually. The person I saw was wearing a pink sweatshirt and sweatpants.” As Jessica is standing in front of me, I can see she’s wearing a black top and blue jeans. She turned slightly pale and her mouth dropped open. Finally she says, “That’s what I was wearing last night. This lady from across the street gave us three bags of clothes she didn’t want anymore and I picked out the pink sweatsuit and put it on last night to see if it would fit. Then I kept it on for the rest of the night.”

So the tale stops here, because I’m pretty freaked out over this. The kind of thing hasn’t ever happened to me before in such an obvious way. First of all, let me say I live 20 minutes drive out of town and I only worked there on weekends. I was not even in town the night before when Jessica was on shift. Also, that outfit she got was new (to her, anyhow) so I wasn’t using a remembered image of her if my eyes had played a trick on me. I had known Jessica for about three years by that point and she wasn’t one to lie or weave stories for amusement.

I am still freaked out over what could have occurred. But, I know what I saw.

– Posted by AllegroFroggy; Reddit


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