“Auntie is waiting for you.”

March 31, 2012

When I was six my little sister was a year-and-a-half old and during this time my aunt, my mother’s sister, was dying. On this particular day, my aunt was going to be taken off life support, so the day before my mother had gone to the hospital to say her goodbyes.

That morning, we are sitting at breakfast, and my mother comes down the stairs crying and obviously very upset. My father is making eggs. As my mother approaches the kitchen my sister (1 1/2!) goes, ” Auntie is waiting for you.” My father drops everything, smashes the eggs, the plates, everything. My mother resolves that she has to go to the hospital.

My mother gets to the hospital, sits with my aunt, and leaves when my aunt has passed on.

That afternoon my sister is out in our backyard with me playing on the swing set. I remember this vividly, she gets up,walks away from the swing set and starts staring up at seemingly nothing. I just stare wondering what the hell she is doing. She finishes walks towards the house and yells, “Pansy eyes, Auntie says everything is alright and not to worry.”

Pansy eyes was my mother’s nickname that my aunt used to call her when my mother was a toddler. My mother hadn’t been called that since elementary school.

– Posted by Miz_zou; Reddit


One comment

  1. That’s neat. I admit I’m torn when I read stories like this whether they’re real or not.

    Anyway, if you like ghost stories, you should check out these.

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