The Fuel Tank Ghost

March 24, 2012

This was back when I used to live on my parent’s farm. First a little explanation on how the farmyard was set up. The house is to the North. Barn to the south. Fuel tank to the east, and a little shed plopped right in the middle.

My sister was looking out the kitchen window (which overlooks the barn and rest of the yard) and told me to come see something freaky. I looked out and there was a shadow moving back and forth slowly between the fuel tank and the little shed. I told her since it was windy that night it was probably a shadow that the yardlight had cast (it was night). She said ‘okay’ and went to bed. There were other nights when we would see this shadow. Normal, calm nights. We noticed it liked to hang out near the fuel tank, so we joked and named it ‘the fuel tank ghost’. We’d even play around and ‘talk’ to it when we were fueling up machinery. We had never mentioned this to parents/friends because we didn’t think it was actually a ghost. Just a shadow that was cast from the yardlight.

Jump to a random summer night. 11pm. My best friend comes to pick me up. She is waiting outside for about 10 minutes before I get in the car. She looks to me and asks ‘Why is your dad still outside? I thought your parents went to bed at 8pm or something’ (which was true. Early to rise, early to bed). At this point I asked her ‘wtf are you talking about? Where is he?’ and she pointed to the fuel tank. She said she saw a man walking by the fuel tank and just disappeared into the dark.

No one fuels up after dark anymore.

– Posted by FearlessEyes; Reddit


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