The first thing my training officer asked me was “Do you believe in ghosts?”

March 1, 2012

The mall I work at was built in the 60’s and I have been working there since 2004. I had always joked with my co-workers about our store being haunted and never really took any strange happenings seriously. In 2007, I was offered a job doing security for the mall and took it because it payed as much starting as I made as a manager at the store I worked at. The only drawback? It was graveyard.

During this time the mall was adding skylights, tearing down a Mervins and building a Nordstrom. My first incident was the early morning of “black Friday” a little after 3am. I was driving around the parking lot and happened to see a large man in a security uniform in our office. We have an outside office with a glass door and a code lock. Normally this would not be out of the ordinary as we has several very cliche security guards. The problem was that the only other person working was a small cambodian man. I called my other officer over to report what I had seen and he informed me that in 2005 a guard had died of a heart attack at the mall. He showed me a picture that was posted in the lunchroom and I was shocked to see the resemblence between him and who I had seen in the office minutes before. My coworker and I laughed about how we had an extra officer for back up and continued our shifts.

A few months later, I was delivering something to the mall office when I heard an old man say behind me”excuse me, miss?” I turned around and said “yeah, what’s up?” to find no one there. Now mind you I was in a locked back hallway and I ran up and down that hallway searching for the source of this voice and found nothing to explain it.

Now most people dont realize how many suicides actually happen at malls but I know of 3 at my mall (one I found). There used to be a police substation on one of the porches. One day for what ever reason some african american dude shot himself in the head right next to the substation. While they were tearing down this substaition and building new stores, a lot of strange things happened in that area. I saw a black man frantically trying to get housekeepings attention to no avail. (The housekeeper had no idea what I was talking about) A tenant looked in a store window and saw a black mans reflection waving his arms next to her as we were walking. It always happens in the same area of the mall as the suicide. One night, I went to unlock a service door on that very porch. As I approached I started to smell a mixture of honey bucket and dead animal. When I opened the door, I found that the light had gone out in the hallway and it was pitchblack. Or so I thought. A figure started to come towards me that was even blacker than the hallway and the smell intensified. I actually ran back to the car waving my hands in the air and screaming.

This one I think was the worst. You know how when you are in a well lit room and you look in a window at night? All you can see is your reflection right? Well we were having a blizzard and I was working by myself. I decided to go out for smoke. As I was walking out, I happened to glance at my reflection. There was some sort of animal behind me. A big one that I had never seen before. I looked down and ran my ass outside. Once I gathered myself I started to think about what I was going to do because there was no way in hell I was going back in that office. I thought ‘hey I’ll just drive around’ Nope the car keys are on the office desk. ‘Ok I’ll just walk around the mall for a while and hang out with housekeeping’ Nope the mall keys are on the desk. ‘ok fuck this place. I quit!’ ha! nope keys are on the desk. I waited in the snow during a blizzard for 3 hours until the next guard came on duty.

Most recent. I saw someone sitting in a massage chair after hours in the suicide area. Then I saw a kiosk chair move without making a sound. This is damn near impossible unless it is lifted off the ground. Later that night I had a nightmare about demon possession. Super scary. Anyway I hope I didn’t ramble on… I’m usually just a lurker

– Posted by PaulinaBlart; TheTruthIsInHere


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