And we did get a sign.

February 18, 2012

When I was younger, my father used to rent an old cabin, which was part of an old rectory, to spend some weeks there during the summer holiday. There was several other kids there from the other cabins, and as soon as we got to know them, they claimed that this place was haunted, which I didn’t believe in.

Anyways, they managed to talk me and my brother into playing with an Ouija board one night. One of the girls participating had a grandmother who was recently dead and used to spend a lot of time on this place, so we asked to talk to her, and asked for some sort of sign for her presence. And we did get a sign.

We heard someone in wooden shoes walking up the stairs to the small room we sat in, calling the name of the mentioned girl with a hoarse voice, and the steps stopped right outside the room. By now, everything could easily be explained be something natural and logical, but after this shit started to get unexplainable.

A few seconds after the sound stopped outside the door, the person sitting closest to the door starts to hyperventilate, we sit around shocked and frozen by fear. After what seemed as 15-20 second, she stops to hyperventilate and the person to the right start almost immediately to do the same. I don’t remember if I understood that I would probably be next by where I was sitting, but suddenly I felt a weight on my shoulder and chest as if someone was hugging me from behind and I froze in fear and started hyperventilating.

Anyways, this went through half the circle we sat in, before it jumped on to mentioned girl, door opens, luckily it was a parent wondering what we did and it stopped. Me and my bother agreed to never tell anyone about this, since I prefer not to be viewed as a nutcase by the majority of the people I know. That’s why it feels nice to vent this anonymously, regardless of people believe it or not.

– Posted by throwmeawayxcx; Reddit

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