Dreaming of a Blonde Guy With Dreads

January 29, 2012

OMG!! This just reminded me of a dream I had a while ago, I did not share the exact same dream with my sister but we both dreamt of the exact same person in it. I have totally forgotten about it until I read your post. In my dream I was sitting on some wood planks calmly floating on the ocean (it was deep blue and very vast..) I was somehow lying on the wood planks and I suddenly noticed someone was sitting next to me ( I saw his back) I slowly looked up, he had long blond hair (dreads) and was shirtless. It was not a horny dream or anyting like that I swear.. i truly felt a very strong ”friendship” kind of energy with him. I think we talked.. and a little after that he took me by the hand beneath the surface of the ocean. It was a peacefull place.. i don’t really remember the rest of it. It was the kind of dream you knew is important, you just don’t know why. Later I forgot about it, didn’t think much about it until my sister someday tells me about a weird dream with a blond haired guy in it. I asked her ”He had dreads?” .. she looks weirdly at me and says, “ugh yes..” We explained how he looked in such detail.. it was exactly the same, shirtless.. and a very very friendly feeling comming from him. The rest of her dream was not the same, she was in a scary place.. but to her, he was a friendly and comforted her. The place and context were different, but we sure are talking about the exact same person.. How weird! (I just asked her if she remembers about it right now, she still does :3 )

– Posted by nburaz; Reddit


One comment

  1. thats my dream guy! if i can find him my life would be complete

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