Aunt Birdie

January 27, 2012

My best friend from K-12 has a very similar story. Her parents were both raised near our hometown, but her dad was in the air force, so they lived abroad. She was born in England.

When she was 2, her dad’s time in the air force was up, so they wanted to move back to the states. Her dad had an old friend that was selling an old farm house that he had recently inherited from his great aunt, right outside our hometown. She was never told any of this.

They come back stateside, and go to look at the house. As it’s empty, they let Liz(my friend)run around and explore. They decide to buy, go to leave, and call Liz downstairs. She comes bounding down talking about, “Aunt Birdie is real nice! She’s happy to have kids again. Her doggie is nice too.” She said she saw the lady in the window seat of what was to become her room.

Her parents are WTFing, and the buddy has gone white. “Aunt Birdie” was his great aunt, and she sure did have a little dog that she loved like a child. She was always fond of kids too.

She saw her off and on for a long time, and we’ve all seen some strange shit go on. I know there must be an explanation, but has always been seen as a nice, protective presence, so meh.

– Posted by flibbertygiblet; Reddit


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