I’m Following You

January 18, 2012

Not my story, but one my manager told me that happened to him a couple of years ago. Sorry it’s a bit long.

I work in a small department in a hospital, usually only 2-3 of us in at one time. Our building used to be a Pathology lab, and in the basement floor is a mortuary. There’s only two ways in to the building, and for both of them you need swipe card access to get through two doors.

One morning, my manager was coming through the back door, swiped through the first door, and was about to swipe through the second door. He saw one of my colleagues inside was pointing at something behind him through the glass window of the door, as was about to ask him what was up when an old man in regular clothing walked past him without looking at him, straight into the department. This was weird enough, because for someone to follow him through the first swipe door they would have had to have been walking very close to him, very quickly to get through before the doors closed.

My manager asked where the man was looking for, and without turning round or stopping the man just said “I’m following you”, and walked straight out of the department through the front door.

Now to get out of the front door of the department, you have to press the door release button or else the door won’t open. Neither my manager or the other colleague saw him press the button, he just opened the door and left.

My manager and the colleague apparently looked at each other for a couple of seconds, not sure what to make of it, then decided to see where he’d gone, but after walking out of the department couldnt see him anywhere. They looked out for him the rest of the week, but didn’t see anyone that looked like him.

When he told me the story I was sceptical, and thought that the period that the doors are released when you enter might have been long enough for someone to go from the back door to the front door, so we tried it. It wasn’t possible. The window of time is literally 2-3 seconds.

Make of it what you will.

May not seem that weird, but something like that has never happened in the time I’ve been working here.

– Posted by Iliveforthecake ; Reddit

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