I see an arm sitting on the armrest.

January 18, 2012

This was around 7-8 years ago (13 or so). My brother and I shared a bedroom with 2 twin beds with blue sailboat sheets. Walls are a light blue and there is a TV next to a computer on the opposite wall from the beds ( Just painting the scene ). My brother goes to spend the night at a friends and I am sleeping alone in our room for the first time (I would generally sleep in my parents room, but knew I was getting too old for it. After getting past my fear of being alone in the dark, I finally turn off the TV and go to sleep. I got to sleep surprisingly quickly, but was woken up when my TV kicked on to a channel with static. I don’t know the time, but estimate it at around 2-3 AM. I get up and am a bit startled, but I begin to realize something. The computer chair (made up of old, beaten up plastic and fake leather) is slowly spinning. Enough to be noticeable, but not to be making full 360 turns. This is the part that still makes me look over my shoulder every night before turning out the light to make the horrifying journey to my bed. As I stare at the chair, with the static TV channel giving off that particular frequency that drives you nuts, I see an arm sitting on the armrest. As the chair turn a small girl is sitting there. The best I can describe her is straight out of The Ring. Keep in mind this was years before it was released. The girl did nothing but sit, knees curled up to chest, staring, looking, silently waiting. As the chair continued its rotation the feeling of dread dissipates and the TV clicks off. At this point I freak the fuck out. I start screaming for my dad. My parents were across the house and didn’t hear me. I sat there for 4 hours waiting to die that night. To make matters worse, I befriended a girl who I found out long into our friendship was a wicken. After I told her this story, She said, ” Don’t be afraid. I have seen that spirit in your house. She only wants to help you.” I must admit I felt better after that, but still….. mother of god.

– Posted by Kraillin; Reddit

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