Walkie Talkies

January 17, 2012

My little sister (call her Susie) and I were exploring the cottage a few years ago and came across a pair of walkie talkies. Now this in itself wasn’t unusual; it’s an isolated, sprawling place shared by many friends and family who often leave things behind as they come and go.

We run around in the night trying them out, and find out there’s about a 10-20m cut-off range. We’re fooling around and eventually we’re on opposite sides of the house when something like the following exchange goes down:

Me: “Breaker breaker come in, this is Thundercat OVER”
Susie: “Giggling This is Dragon 7, we are closing in on your location OVER”
Me: “Negative, you’ll never catch me. Thundercat out”
Susie: “giggling Who is this?”
Me: “This is Thundercat, come in Poopsmith”
Susie: “giggling No who is this?”

At this point I walk into the next room and see Susie looking through a bookshelf, walkie talkie abandoned on the floor.

She says “Hello” to me and the giggling is still coming from the walkie talkie.

I look at her, I look at the walkie talkie, and ask “Wait who is this?”

The giggling stops on the other end of the line. There’s nothing but dead air.

The next house is a couple of km away and there’s nothing but woods (and a spooky cave) around us. Susie says she got bored of the walkie talkie a while ago, and denies any part in the goofy codename conversation. We search the place top to bottom and find no one and nothing that could have been making the call. We try the walkie talkie a few more times but are never able to raise our ghost girl again.

I still accuse her of having been the voice on the other end of the line once in a while, but deep down I know that when I told her what went down, she showed real fear.

TL;DR haunted walkie talkie

– Posted by master_shortpants; Reddit


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