I can’t feel my heart.

January 17, 2012

I have something quite similar, except it all happened to me with no one else really involved in the experience I had. Similar in the sense that it involves some strange place, a light and death. But it all happened to me.

I was at my girlfriend at the time’s parent’s house, and suddenly started feeling really queasy. She and I headed to the kitchen so I could get a glass of water, and we stood with me leaning back against the counter and her hugging me. She was saying I had gone incredibly pale, like almost white and my lips were going a purply colour. She looked really scared.

I then say to her, “I… I can’t feel my heart…” and I check my pulse.

Next thing I know, I’m in this ‘place.’ I can’t describe it except as an absence of absolutely everything. There was a floor, but I couldn’t see it, I was walking on nothing through nothing and surrounded by nothing. But I was there, and it was there. There were other people with me. Discernible faces, clothes and demeanours. I could see them, and they could see me. Like, properly see me, not just look at me, but ACTUALLY see me, I could feel that they could. We were all there in complete silence, just really calm and silent, and in this space of nothingness, and then this bright bluish-white light erupted from the distance, and it called to us. Silently beckoned us all towards it, so we started walking. I don’t know why, we all just felt compelled as a single entity to head towards this light.

It was… beautiful. Really, fucking beautiful. I have never seen a light so pure or so beautiful since, I have never felt a calm so serene, and a strange happiness was flowing through me. I could feel myself smiling, and feeling like all was right with everything in the world.

Suddenly, I started being dragged backwards, as if a fishing hook had just grasped my intestines from behind and was pulling me. I felt intense pain and there was a rushing sound. The light got more and more distant, as did the people, and there was what I can only describe as a blood curdling scream fading in from behind me.

As this got louder, and as soon as the light faded… I woke up. I was on the floor of my girlfriend’s kitchen, her mother (a nurse) had just performed CPR on me, as I had been actually full on dead (no pulse, no breathing) for about about a minute. I felt like I was in that space for an eternity. The scream was my girlfriend, crying hysterically at the thought of me being dead. I promptly threw up everywhere, and felt instantly better.

Even doctors at hospital don’t know what the fuck happened to me. I was discharged after a few hours of tests with a clean bill of health and felt completely fine.

What’s even stranger is, apparently when I said “I can’t feel my heart” I passed out, and fell onto my girlfriend, who couldn’t support me, and I fell, hitting my head off the counter and smashing into some empty bottles on the floor. Whilst I was out, I had apparently just stayed still, but smiled, until I stopped breathing. I was pale and my head and hands were freezing cold to the touch, but the rest of me was still warm.

What’s even stranger than THAT is that her pet cats freaked the literal fuck out when I was dead, and all ran out of the house, howling into the night. One of them returned the next morning, the other two were found up a tree a few blocks away, meowing incessantly.

– Posted by orange_kevin; Reddit


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