F-18 Fighter Jet In San Diego

January 17, 2012

Two years ago (*edit:3yrs) I had a dream that an meteor ripped through most of my house and my neighbors house. It reminded me of something out of a war movie when a bomb goes off and my roommate and I are disoriented and semi deaf as we walk around the fire and rubble screaming and looking for roommates and neighbors. It felt very real and painful and was horrific, I woke up really shaken and told my roommate about it in the morning. About three hours later my whole house starts rumbling and we hear the sound of like a turbine engine powering down directly over my house followed by two huge explosions. We run outside and there is billowing black smoke we run around the block to the houses on the other side and see two houses completely ripped through by a fighter jet. The houses were completely destroyed and what was still standing was on fire, we tried walking around and yelling to see if anyone was in the houses. It was then when my roommate reminded me of my dream. I like to say coincidence because I dont believe that, but I still can’t explain it. Some photos

*edit: tl;dr – dreamt meteor ripped through mine and neighbors house, same day fighter jet rips through houses behind me.

– Posted by Squirly; Reddit

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