“Beat”, by King Crimson

January 17, 2012

I had a friend in high school, lets call him Bob. Bob was a very nice fellow, and while we weren’t that close, we had similar tastes in music and we’d share CDs (this is in the late 80s, way before file-sharing). Anyway, we eventually graduated, and I moved several hundred miles away to college, and we lost touch. When I left for college, I had one of Bob’s CDs still in my possession (“Beat”, by King Crimson)

Fast forward 10 years… I’d graduated college and was knee deep in in my career, and finally saved up enough money and bought my first house.

In the new house and while unpacking, I see the CD in a box – hadn’t noticed it in many years, and thought… “gee, I really should track down Bob and return this”.

Right then, the doorbell rings…

It’s Bob.

And he says “hey, you wouldn’t happen to still have my King Crimson CD would you?”

I look down… I’m holding it in my hand.

I hand it to him, and his mouth drops open (mine probably already is). We exchange pleasantries. I probably asked him how he found me, but I no longer remember. He eventually takes off.

I haven’t seen Bob since.

– Posted by FF0000it; Reddit



  1. it’s a sign.

  2. Robert, we need to talk things over. Let’s do brunch, baby.

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