She had an abortion!

January 16, 2012

This’ll probably get swept under given how many comments there already are, but here it goes…When I was taking summer classes for my undergraduate I had a dream about an ex. We broke up about a year and a half prior to the dream. This has been the weirdest dream I’ve ever had and cannot recollect the full details of it, but here was the gist of it:

The dream started with a black empty space, then slowly a package of Jewel brand Muenster cheese floated into my view until it practically took up all of the black empty space. Then a voice that sounded like mine, but deeper, said “Now that I have your attention…” then a flood of images from my previous relationship just started coming into view. Like a hyper fast slide show. Once said slide show ended, the same voice said “Now you know what to do” and I woke up yelling “She had an abortion!”

I was obviously freaked, but as I tried to remember the “slide show” it started fading. So I just pushed it aside and went back to sleep. A week later, while deleting contacts from my phone I noticed my ex’s sister’s number which reminded me of my dream. For shits and giggles, I decided to call and outright ask if my ex had an abortion. After a long silence (probably only like 3-5 seconds, but it felt like a longtime to me) she goes, “How the fuck did you know that?” I felt like I just got blind sided; I saw stars, tunnel vision, the works. I just blurted out, “Was it mine?” And she goes as a matter of factly, “Probably”. Took me a couple of days to resume normal life after that

– Posted by adam28pol; Reddit

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