Either I am dealing with some form of memory loss, or I am dealing with a guy from an alternate timeline.

January 16, 2012

Either I am dealing with some form of memory loss, or I am dealing with a guy from an alternate timeline.

I started college this week and one of my classes is World Religion. On my first day of class, a guy walks in about 15 minutes late and sits next to me. During break he looks at me, smiles wide, and says “It’s been a long time, how are you?” I have zero re-collection of who he is. He doesn’t look or sound familiar; and I tend to not forget people even if they only played a very small role in my life.

I asked him who he was and how he knew me. He told me his full name (still not ringing any bells) and said he knew me from a private school called “homeland village” (or something like that.) He said that I was there to take a class on photo shop. He also mentioned the names of some of the other students. And he wrapped up his story with how we were at a Halloween party together once.

I have 1.) NEVER attended private school, or have even heard the name of the one he mentioned 2.) NEVER taken a photo shop class and 3.) Have never been to a Halloween party that had more than 6 good close friends. I was convinced that he had me confused for someone else. But here’s the kicker: He knows me by a name that I no longer go by, and described me with a very “out there” hair style that I haven’t had in years.

What. The Actual. Fuck.

TL;DR: A kid accidently left his timeline, entered mine, and wants to be friends because he knew an alternate version of me.

– Posted by k8bit; Reddit

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