Susan and Suzanne

January 15, 2012

I know two people, one is Susan and one is Suzanne, these are their real names. The two are in no way related and live in different cities, etc. One day I picked up the phone to call Susan. Susan did not answer, and I got her usual answering machine message (just the default message I had heard numerous times before) and left a message.

The next day I saw Suzanne, and she asked why I had left a message on her machine and what the heck I was talking about. I did not know Suzanne’s number before this happened. I looked in my phone to figure out what number I dialed and how it could have happened and it turns out Suzanne shares the last 4 digits of Susan’s phone number, and I somehow dialed 3 completely different numbers for the first half of the phone number and they just happened to be Suzanne’s who also happened to share Susan’s default answering machine message.

– Posted by Jasonrj; Reddit


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