Mirror Malfunctioned

January 15, 2012

So, once when I was about 15 years old, I went down into a room in my parent’s house with a book. The room somehow insulated against my half-deaf’s mother’s television and the sounds of the city. The one unusual feature of this room was a mirror, covering most of one of the walls of the room. It was made up of 2 foot sections since it was a very old mirror.

It was the middle of the day, but I planned to be reading there for awhile so I walked toward the lamp to turn it on. I was reaching to turn on the lamp when I thought I saw something in the mirror.

I looked over and saw my reflection in the mirror, along with that of a tall man (maybe a bit taller than me, but much thinner) standing beside me. Since I had not seen any man IN THE DIRECTION I WAS REACHING INTO I looked beside me. I was relieved to find nothing there. I was already thinking “Wow that was weird…must have been some synapses misfiring.” Then I looked back at the mirror.

The man was still standing there beside me, even though there was nothing next to me. I stared at him. He was tall, blond, and wearing a black 3-piece suit with a tie. And his eyes were looking into mine.

I stood there for a few moments, just staring, trying to understand what I was seeing. He just stared, not like he was a frozen image, but as if he were just looking curiously at me.

So after perhaps 20 seconds of bafflement I took a step back, turned around and ran upstairs. I luckily was not alone and my mother was upstairs. I just started yelling in horror and tried to tell her about the man where there was no man. I am generally a calm person, even in danger, so instead of thinking the house was being broken into she thought I had abruptly gone insane because she had never seen me display such fear or emotion.

I could not be coerced to go in that room or even walk past the doorway for a month or two; I just used the side door always to avoid having to go near it. I would even come out the side door to answer the doorbell.

So awhile later I went in there to see someone who was visiting. Nothing weird happened, although I kept looking at that large mirror waiting for something to happen.

A few weeks later I went in the adjacent room to get something. I glanced over and saw something sitting on the rug in that room with the mirror. It is directly in the center of the room. I walked in and it and it looked like a piece of a fur coat (there was a falling apart fur coat in a nearby closet) so, I picked it up. Dead squirrel.

No wounds, or apparent reason why it died or how it got in. I was a bit upset because I used to have several pet squirrels when I was younger.

I have never had any hallucinations like this that I am aware of. I often wonder how it happened. To this day (many years later) I do not keep mirrors anywhere but the bathroom.

– Posted by RebelWithoutASauce ; Reddit


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