The Guy On The VideoTape

January 15, 2012

At 12 years of age my mom let me stay in the truck as she went grocery shopping. As I wait I see an old Guy walking towards the truck with an indescribable look at me as if I know too much. he stops 5 feet from the truck looks at me for a couple seconds and heads back the exact way he came. it was rather traumatic for some reason and very confusing at that age. 5-6 years later my dad was showing me home videos of us at Yellowstone. at old faithful I noticed the same Guy,same look, same clothes peering at us on camera and at me through the TV. I’m freaked out just telling this.

edit: I didn’t expect this story to be such a hit. A few more details: the Yellowstone video was from when I was very young. I’m thinking 1 or 2 years of age. I was in an awesome baby pack on my dads back. Also I will try my hardest to find the video. I don’t see my parents often and if I do I don’t think either of them will know where our home videos are. divorce can be a messy and destructive thing. if I do find it I will definitely post the video and message you all.

– Posted by Parrot-Tamer; Reddit


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