Easily Explained If It Had Been a Delorean

January 14, 2012

This reminded me of an experience that happened to me and my family.. my brother was driving my mother and I home one day, a few years back.. when all the sudden my mother looks out the window (she’s in the back seat, I’m tall and it sucks to get into the back) and says “Is that a car?”

I look out my window and see something in the sky.. it was dark colored, glossy, and looked incredibly like a 1980’s model Cadillac.. we’re all sober, it’s just a little bit before sunset, and we’re driving through the middle of my town. My brother looked over and saw it too, but didn’t get a chance to look at it as much.. I could make out headlights, windshield, door handles, and tires.. everything really. It was above a highway and about 150 yds out.

TLDR – My family and I saw a flying car.

kensomniac; Reddit

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