The Black Cat

January 8, 2012

This happened about 4 years ago. Me, my wife, and two children were going from point A to point B and spent the night in between at a friend’s house. We got there really late so they left the door unlocked and had gone to bed. I locked the front door and we went to their guest room, locked the bedroom door, settled down, and fell asleep.

Let me describe the room. Small, maybe 11×11, bed in the corner, and a heavy drapery over the window. I turned off the light and it was absolutely pitch black, which is how we liked it. We made my girl a pallet to sleep on against the far wall; my infant boy slept with us in the bed.

Not long after falling asleep I wake up to my wife’s blood-curdling scream. As my eyes open I see something move from her side of the bed (the side not against the wall) toward the door. Keep in mind it was pitch black, but I saw something. I roll over the top of her, start moving toward the movement, and start swinging. I feel something in front of me bear hug me and I can’t swing.

By this time the kids are screaming, I’m yelling at something to get out, and I hear my wife scream to turn on the light. Immediately I’m released and I start fumbling toward the light and turn it on. When I finally get the light on the room is a wreck. My wife has scratches all over her face, chest, and shoulders, a bloody nose and lip. My 4 yr old daughter is in the corner far from where she was supposed to be at, hiding under her blanket. My son was on the floor next to the bed with scratches on his body. There was a small sewing table that had been knocked over just inches from his head. Me? I had scratches from head to toe, bruises all over my chest, and what looked like a golf ball-sized raspberry on the top of my foot.

There was no one else in the room and the bedroom door was still locked. I run to the front door and it’s still locked. Looked outside and there’s nothing to be seen (they lived in the middle of flat, open land with no trees). I’m really freaked at this point and run back to the room thinking that someone is still in the house. I then called my friend’s cell phone and they walk down to the guest room not knowing what had just happened. Their response was something close to, “Did y’all get in a fight?” They had heard the commotion, but thought it was us just being loud when we got there.

My wife explained that she felt something crawl up on the bed at her feet. When she sat up she was knocked back flat by a big black cat (like a panther). It was nose to nose with her, smothering her, and using its claws to rip at her clothes.

Our friends made fun of us for sleep-fighting, but that’s not what this was, at least to us. It took us a few years to sleep in anything other than a dimly lit room. We also sleep with the door open. I guess because we don’t feel trapped.

The scratches on her body healed at a normal rate, but the scratches that I received did not. It took a solid month for those to go away. The “raspberry” on the top of my foot started to fester, grow larger (no matter what we did to medicate) and took 3 months to heal. I have a nice sized scar today.

A lot of people that we’ve told this to think we fought each other in our sleep, which would make sense. But there are just as many that say they experienced something similar, if not exactly what we did (as far as the fight details are concerned). I don’t think we fought each other. I know I saw something, felt something, fought something, etc…

– Posted by Calvus; Reddit

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