Meth Dream

January 8, 2012

I worked at a detox clinic for a lot of years, use to a lot of alcoholic ramblings and withdrawal dis-illusionments. One night a lady was checked in by her probation officer for using meth for about 3 days. She pretty much went straight to bed when she got there, and I didn’t see her until she got up in the morning and wanted to smoke a cigarette, which I had to escort her out to do. While outside she told me of this very vivid dream she had of her father telling her she’d be all alone soon and he loved her, etc. and she was very shaken by this dream. I pretty much thought it was just the meth talking and didn’t think anything of it until her probation officer called an hour later and said he needed to talk with her, it was important. Her father had died of a surprise heart attack, no warning. She freaked out and just started screaming “I dreamt that. I dreamt that.” There’s no way she could have talked with anybody to know in advance(no phones), she was in her room and I would have noticed if she’d left.

I tend to roll my eyes when I hear these stories, but I have no explanation for how she could have known this except some power of the universe that cannot be explained.

– Posted by jonjuandemarco; Reddit


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