she was absolutely convinced that there was someone living in their cellar.

December 25, 2011

At op: I have to say you may just be schizo.

For my story, I had an aunt and uncle who lived in a ‘haunted’ house.

So my uncle (I’ll call him Kyle,) and my aunt (Jenny, and these are actual names) were moving out of my grandmothers house because they finally had the money to do it, and had a child on the way. They moved into a little house in a place called Little Russia in Topeka, KS, which is a place where Russian immigrants migrated to in whatever time or wherever. It’s next to a bridge, a small 4 block neighborhood with tiny houses.

Anyways, while Jenny was pregnant with their first and only child, she took maternity leave for 3-4 months before her daughter was born while Kyle continued working. She was alone in this house for most of the days, and started hearing things in their cellar/basement, which was really a trap door in the middle of their kitchen that leads to a dug out cellar sort of thing, dirt on the walls, sometimes foundation, dirt floor, that sort of thing. She was hearing movement, and motion, the common things that can be easily explained by water pipes and gas heaters and what not, but she was absolutely convinced that there was someone living in their cellar.

Kyle told her fairly frequently that she was going crazy, and there was no one in the cellar, but she wouldn’t budge on her opinion, and so it went for the next month or two. Finally, they had their daughter, and brought her back home after a few days in the hospital. The first night back, she unsurprisingly cried, like babies do. Kyle and Jenny were awoken by it, and decided they would let her cry it out for a minute to see if she would go back to sleep without intervention.

Their bedroom door swung open, crashing against the wall, and they heard footsteps go around their bed, gently push open the door to their daughter’s room, and heard their daughter giggle while the airplane ornament that jingled when wound up began playing. At first they were stunned, and unable to get out of bed to check on her, but eventually they did. They found her asleep, with the ornament winding down to the end of its song.

From this point, these occurrences were incredibly common. Rarely was it because of their daughter crying anymore, it was more as a playful activity. When Kyle got out of the shower, he would suddenly feel incredibly cold in the middle of summer in their smarmy, hot, house. He yelled, “enough!” Which caused the bathroom door to open, shut, and an unhappy ghost march out of the bathroom.

During the seven months after their daughter was born that they lived there, their three dogs would occasionally stand up and follow apparently nothing around the house to a door, or car keys would get misplaced. None of this phased Kyle or Jenny anymore, it was like living with a five year old that they couldn’t see. One day it got out of hand.

They decided they were done living there, as they could afford a new house in a better, more suitable neighborhood (hopefully devoid of the supernatural), and were planning on renting out the house. In order to do this, they first replaced the door: enter me and my other uncle Kris, who are both very realistic, and think the idea of ghosts are just silly. We arrived to help put in a new door, me because I happened to be spending the weekend with my uncle, him because he’s a carpenter by trade and helps the family with these tasks.

About half way through taking off the door, we hear a door open and shut (the house was empty aside from us three) in the back bedroom, and decided it might be the wind. Kyle of course, knew better, but Kris and I weren’t worried about it. We got the door off, and put it against the wall outside, when I saw the most unbelievable thing I’ve ever seen. Kris’s tool box, which we were pulling hammers / screw drivers out of, had been lifted off of the porch, carried a foot suspended by nothing, and thrown off the deck sprawling all of the various tools onto the lawn.

What… the… fuck…

I’ve since reevaluated what I consider realistic, and have become more agnostic than anything, with a healthy serving of collective unconscious a la Carl Jung, plus the idea of the connected mind being the universe, and us creating everything around us.

– Posted by some_cool_guy; Reddit


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