Dreamt Of Someone Dying

December 25, 2011

Let me tell a little about myself. I’m very logical and non-superstitious — okay, maybe a little superstitious. I’m an engineer working at a printing company. I haven’t believed in a personal God since my late teens, and I’m always the first person to point out how some strange occurrence can be explained rationally and scientifically. That said, let me tell you about the dream that saved my life.

In my early adulthood before finishing college, I was a laborer for a construction company. I had been working on this large-scale brick job for two months when I had a dream.

In the dream, I was on the top of the scaffold, and I saw my step father (who worked as a mason with me) cleaning the scaffold with his trowel. This is really unusual because scaffold gets dirty sometimes, but it doesn’t much matter, and you certainly don’t damage a valuable trowel to clean it.

I saw two men fighting and one pushed the other, and he fell off the edge where a pile of bricks waited below him. This was unusual too because usually the scaffold is protected by a steel cross-beam and two 2×4 boards. The only time they are removed is to land materials using a boom-crane, but then they’re placed back on.

The strangest part was that as I watched this man fall to his death he looked at me with indifference. As this man fell, he had to know he was going to die, and he used his last moments of life to look at me. He didn’t look scared or afraid or at peace, he just looked at me casually like I was an acquaintance passing him on the sidewalk. My dream ends.

I rarely have dreams I remember past my feet hitting the floor, but this dream stayed with me, especially the man looking at me. I told my mom and step dad about it, and they both took it as a premonition that my step dad was going to die (I could only hope), but I dismissed it and forgot about it by the next day.

Two weeks later, I’m on the ground about to climb the scaffold, and I see two guys fighting, and one pushed the other just like in my dream. This brought the dream back to me. Hmm, I thought, that’s a funny coincidence. I stopped the fight, went back to work, and climbed the scaffold four stories in the air where the masons were continuing the brick wall. Note: I don’t have a fear of heights because I worked in them all the time.

Once I get to the top of the ladder, I see a pallet of bricks being unloaded by a new guy that was hired that day along with another new guy, his brother. Sorry, I don’t remember their names.

Past him on the opposite side of the scaffold, I see my step dad cleaning his trowel off with the scaffold, but it looked like in my dream where he was cleaning the scaffold with his trowel.

That’s weird, I thought. I can’t believe I didn’t realize that in my dream that he was cleaning his trowel and not the scaffold. I must have seen it before and put it in my dream subconsciously. That explains it.

Well, as a laborer, it’s one of my jobs to make sure the masons have mud (it’s the wet cement that holds bricks together), so I fill two five-gallon buckets full and go to carry them past the new guy to my step dad and other masons to give them mud.

As I walk behind the new guy, who’s kneeling as he unloads the bricks, I look down the scaffold to the ground and below me is a pile of bricks and walking past the pile of bricks is the new guy’s brother. He looks up at me casually, and I instantly recognize him as the man that fell in my dream.

Immediately I realize I have my hands filled with 80 lbs of mud walking behind an unexperienced laborer next to a section of scaffold that isn’t protected because the brick materials were just landed. I was the one to die. As I type this, the memory gives me chills.

I dropped the mud buckets just as the new guy stood up and backed into me knocking me off the scaffold. I managed to just barely grab onto the side of the scaffold and catch myself. I climbed back on and took a deep breath of relief.

The man that almost killed me says “Sorry” looks down and then, “Wow, that could have been bad.” He almost got thrown down to his brother.

Like I said I’m (mostly) not a superstitious person, but I know for a fact that I would have died if I didn’t have that dream. It saved my life. Because of my own reservations, I don’t share this story very much, but feel free to criticize in this land of anonymity!

TL;DR: I had a dream that saved my life. I don’t believe in premonitions, but it’s an awful lot of coincidences.

Update: I agree it can all be normal with nothing extra-ordinary. I know how the brain works and that facial recognition could have been after the fact. My point is that this string of coincidences, if that’s what it is, saved my life. That’s pretty profound. I also realize that if I either died or didn’t almost die then I wouldn’t be typing this now, so the 1:million will stand out.

It’s just unexpected that I only remember a few of my dreams a year, and this one was accurate enough to bring my attention to a life-threatening situation and save my life.

Update 2: Granted, I admit it could all be a coincidence. However, consider this: if neutrino particles were detected hitting various parts of the world simultaneously, we would investigate the cause assuming it couldn’t be a coincidence of them all hitting simultaneously — but it could be coincidental from various unrelated sources.

I report a dream with a stream of coincidences and I’m labeled (by some) superstitious. I realize my dream is unverifiable and unquantifiable, and I’m okay with it being only a coincidence. I’m just happy that it ever happen, and I don’t make claims of it’s source.

– Posted by ecafyelims; Reddit


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