Dreaming Of Being Attacked

December 25, 2011

This happened a few years ago and my husband and I still occasionally bring it up. It absolutely happened just as I tell it. It freaks me out to talk about it so I thought it might be a worthwhile submission to /nosleep.

One night, I began dreaming of jogging up a hill where the majority of my family lived (my grandma, aunt, and four cousins all lived along this stretch of road). It was early morning in the dream, and I was jogging along, I noticed a man walking down the hill toward me. I was overcome with a sense of apprehension and I thought it was silly to fear this guy, but I knew everybody who lived on that road and this man was a total stranger. I quickened my pace, and suddenly noticed off to my right a lone public telephone where none was in real life. I angled toward the phone, hoping to get to it before he could reach me because I was suddenly and absolutely sure that this man was going to try to rape and kill me. I needed to get to that phone to call the police. I was trying to act nonchalant, hoping to not draw attention to what I was doing. I was worried he would figure out what I was up to and thwart my chances of calling for help. The man picked up his pace as well, and began running toward me as I broke out into a full run towards the phone. Just as I reached the phone, my fingertips glanced on the receiver and the man was there wrapping his hands around my throat. He was also pinching my nose shut and I was desperately trying to breathe and scream for help. He squeezes his hands tighter and tighter and I began to suffocate. I then blacked out in the dream.

I awoke, choking and sobbing. I was terrified there was someone in our house. This is a little sleepy town, and so we slept with the windows open upstairs to have a breeze in the summertime. I was petrified however, and laid completely still, just listening as the adrenaline surged through my system and I was totally freaked out. There was nothing to be heard: it was utterly peaceful and silent. I tried to wake up my husband but it was no use. Eventually I got up enough courage to creep over to my window to shut it quietly and lock it. I glanced at the alarm clock and it was around 3:30am. I then turned on the light in the hallway, snuck into my son’s bedroom and checked on him. He was dead asleep too, so I checked the closet and closed his window and locked it. I then went through the house systematically checking the closets, behind the couch, anywhere that someone could possibly hide. It was empty.

I relaxed some, but the dream had a very intense feeling about it. It didn’t feel like any other dream I’d ever had at all. It didn’t have the dreaminess and the surreal quality that my dreams normally have once I awaken. I had this uneasy dread that just permeated my being.

I tried to shake it off. I got a glass of water, turned on the television for company and read for a while. At about 4:10am, I decided to go try to get back to sleep and hopefully awaken in the morning without this sense of intense dread.

I crawled back into bed, and fell asleep rather quickly. Instantly I was having an intense and otherworldly dream again. This time, I was at my cousin’s wedding that I had attended a few months prior. I was sitting at a table alone and my friend Kasey walked up and sat down. Now Kasey had not been at this wedding, in fact she didn’t really know my cousin at all and so this was strange. I instantly gripped her arm and said, “Kasey, I had this horrible dream and I think it was about you.” She kinda laughed but I was insistent. “I want you to be very careful,” I told her, “I think someone has been watching you and I think they’re going to hurt you.” Kasey shrugged it off, told me it was just a dream but I grabbed her harder and began begging her to take it seriously. The dream ended with me in tears saying, “Promise me you’ll be careful. Promise me you’ll lock your doors and windows!! Please!”

I awoke straight out of the dream. At this point I was like WTF? Why did I dream that? There was no mention of Kasey in the first dream at all, why was I so sure it was about her? I am really freaked out, look over and it’s about 4:45am. Rather than attempting to go back to sleep after the strange and disturbing dreams, I just got up and went downstairs to start the day early.

The sense of dread never left the entire day. It was disturbing me a lot. I told my husband my dreams when he woke up, but it didn’t make the sense of dread better at all. I went throughout the day with it hanging over me while I did the grocery shopping, made dinner, etc.

In fact, the dread was very unnerving. My husband was working the third shift and then he went to school in the evening before his shift started, so I was alone at around 5pm. I grabbed my son and headed over to my mom’s, which was a couple of miles from my house, just to have some company.

When I got to my mom’s house, she wasn’t home yet so I just played with my son for a bit. She got home, we started chatting about her day at work, the weather, etc. In the middle of shooting the breeze, she stopped and said, “Oh, did your grandma call you?” No she had not, and I asked my mom why she would have as I saw my grandmother often so we didn’t talk on the phone much at all. “Well, this morning right after your cousin Kyle left for his job, someone broke in and tried to rape his wife Casey.”

I nearly fainted. Literally. The room spun and kind of paled and I heard my mom say, “Oh shit!!!” and felt her grab me and sit me down. My cousin Kyle is a twin, and his twin’s name is Chris… it was Chris’ wedding I had dreamed about. It was Chris’ wedding where I had begged my friend Kasey (with a “k,” the only difference between the two girls’ names) to watch out. The hill I had been jogging up in the first dream? Right at the top of that hill was my cousin Kyle’s house where the attempted rape occurred. Then my dream made sense and as I told my mom my dream as well as I could while flipping the fuck out, she blanched and called my grandma for further details.

Kyle had left work at 4:30am, and Casey had fallen into a light sleep on her living room couch only to be awakened by a man on top of her, choking her. She struggled to reach the phone, only just out of her grasp, and before she could reach it she blacked out. The assailant apparently left before raping her. No one is sure why. And I had my initial dream approximately one hour before this occurred, and the second dream about the time it was happening. This still gives me goosebumps until this day.

I was actually embarrassed about it and I didn’t want to traumatize her by talking about it. My mom told my entire family though, I’m not sure if they believed it or not. It was interesting to have absolute proof of my dream and to not just think I had confused details of my dream with hearing the story about her. I had my husband tell my mom my dream when he got home in the morning before I told him what happened so I had proof.

I was good friends with Casey’s little brother. We all went to a small high school and he was a year younger than me. Casey was 3 years older than me though, so I never really interacted with her at all. That made the entire experience even creepier.

I have had other prophetic dreams after this. A couple of years after this, I had a dream about someone messing with my brother’s car. It was the same really intense, stick-in-my-brain quality that these had so I paid close attention to it. I told him to get an alarm or something and to keep his porch lights on. He just laughed at me. A month later he wrecked. The mechanic told him someone had cut something (some kind of bolt or something?) and I said, “I told you, you should have listened to me!”

– Posted by sillystingray; Nosleep

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