“Jeaneen! Get outside, NOW!”

December 24, 2011

This happened to my mother, but she swears its the absolute truth.

One day she was doing dishes, and heard a neighbor call out her name (Jeaneen). She went to the window, looked around, but found nothing and continued washing the dishes.

Several minutes later she heard the voice again, a little more distinct this time.

She, again, looked around. But found nothing and returned to the kitchen.

Finally, she heard her friend, “clear as day” shout “Jeaneen! Get outside, NOW!”

My mom walked outside, looked down the street (where construction was going on), and saw one-year-old me climbing up the back side of a mound of dirt while a backhoe was getting ready to scoop me up and kill me.

My mom ran over and stopped the construction, and went to yell at her friend for not saving me herself when she remembered that her friend was out of town, and had been for days.

I still shudder thinking about it.

– Posted by binghamd; Reddit


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