December 24, 2011

my mom had one. she was in surgery for a caesarian for my youngest sis in 1986. we were in Italy and not citizens so she chose not to have the elective sonogram to determine sex. so she was put under for c-section, apparently a little too far under. she woke up to them performing CPR chest compressions.

while out of it she said she was in a calm and peaceful place and didn’t hear a voice but just a feeling that she could stay or go. she said she spoke and said that she couldn’t go because she had three girls to raise. she did t know she had had a third daughter at that point.

she’s ok now – 23 yrs later – but that birth was really rough on her and left her bewildered about that experience. when she told her father about it, he too had a similar experience during a heart attack.

– Posted by XanaVanovoVitch; Reddit

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