Possessed Mother

December 23, 2011

[ā€“]Britannica 6 points 1 year ago

I hate admitting to this story because I am one of the most logical and non-paranormal people you could meet, but here goes.

When I was a kid (and into my teens) I believed in ghosts and paranormal shit. My friends and I would mess around with Ouija boards and perform little seances etc. I got a lot of this from my mom, as she was dating a woman who was a “psychic” and into alternative medicine and stuff.

Anyway, that girlfriend ended up moving across the country and we went to visit her one spring break. While we were there, my sister, our friend and I were all hanging out in the living room as my mom and her ex were talking in a bedroom. The house had a weird vibe going on and I thought it was because they were fighting/things were tense. I looked toward the stairs in the house and saw what looked like a huge purple ball of light and mist coming slowly down the stairs and into the bedroom my mom and her ex were in. My friend saw it too but my sister didn’t and we all started freaking out. Just then my mom starts talking in tongues, for real. I have heard it before on tv but I literally saw my mom shaking and yelling in tongues. Her ex began shouting shit too and claiming my mom had been “opening up to her” which let spirits into my mom’s body. My mom was yelling “get out, I am no longer your mother!” and stuff like that. We were ordered to leave the room and a short while later my mom came out and all was fairly normal again except she was shaken. She WILL NOT to this day talk about it.

I wholeheartedly believed she was possessed and I believed it for years. I bring it up every now and then as a joke and she gets really upset and says she can’t explain it and it is a touchy subject.

Now that I am living a more lucid lifestyle, I really want to know what the hell happened that night. I know it can be explained somehow.

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