There is one occasion though that has left me baffled and slightly unsettled.

December 22, 2011

I have had some paranormal experiences in the past, but all have been places that friends and I have gone to investigate. And most of the things we experience we have been able to scientifically explain upon further investigation. We like to question everything, as any good investigator would. There is one occasion though that has left me baffled and slightly unsettled. About 4 years ago, I had just finished an investigation earlier in the day…some silly “haunted bridge”. The bridge had an alledged history of a woman throwing her children off the bridge before hanging herself. People reported hearing voices & supposedly had EVPs. Unfortunately, we experienced nothing. So fast forward I met my parents for some dinner before heading home. We finished the meal and all headed back to the house together.

My house is roughly 40 years old, there has never been any sort of death within it, and I have never before or since then experienced what I am about to explain. I should add we have lived there 22 years, so we are all very familiar with the sounds the house makes. So I begin to head downstairs to my room and my father and mother begin heading up to theirs. I get about a foot away from my basement door, when the metallic door knob begins to twist violently back and forth “pinging” each time it meets its max rotation. While this is still occurring, the entire door begins shaking within the frame and I hear what sounds like a person yelling, inaudibly, in a fit of rage. Simultaneously, there is giant bang on the door and I literally feel something push me hard enough at shoulder level that I tumbled backwards to the ground. As I hit the ground, everything went silent.

Already at this point, my father is coming down the stairs as he could hear the rumble of the door in the frame, but wasnt sure what was hearing. We both ended up grabbing our golf clubs and headed into the basement. The only way out of the basement is through the door that “pushed” me, and two windows that were still latched from the inside. We didnt find anything unusual.

– Posted by [deleted] ; Reddit

There’s no reason to be scared.
A tormented spirit, howling with fury, erupted from the ground below Chris’ house and shook the basement door with its powerful hands. It pounded against the wood and screamed as Chris stumbled backwards – a grown man terrified and vulnerable for the first time in his own home. The insane shouting – the wrathful gibbering of a being who has festered too long in the darkness – reached a crescendo, and with a mighty crash, an unearthly force slammed Chris in the chest and brought him to the ground.
Whatever it is, it’s out now. Keep yourself safe by putting this story out of your mind, because it knows when you think of it; it sees your soul like a candle flame flickering in the blackness.
Don’t imagine it, or it will come for you – slowly at first, heralded only by the creaking of your house and the long dragging sound of heavy knuckles on splintered wood, until it opens its throat wide, bellows with rage, and tears into your home.

– Posted by utterpedant; Reddit


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