asks me if I know why I’m okay, and giggles.

December 22, 2011

This one still gives me the shivers sometimes.

My buddy and I were skipping lunch one day during high school, which was a regular thing, as most cafeteria food was inedible. We were headed down a small country road of the normal northwestern Ohio variety. Just a normal day, Butthole Surfers on the radio, cruising in the boonies, just like every other day.

…until a driver coming the opposite way decides to swerve into my lane, hitting us head-on. I watched the fiberglass front end shatter, and the hood crumple, both in slow motion. It looked a lot like sunlight reflecting off of water, if anyone is curious. As I was blacking out, I remember two hands coming towards me as if to push me through the, er… fog? Something like that..

I was more or less fine, and did not hit the airbag. I was also not wearing my seatbelt. My cohort had severe internal bruising from the seatbelt and a few other minor injuries. The driver of the other car got taken away in a helicopter.

I didn’t think anything of the hands. I wrote it off as one of those things people say about your life flashing before your eyes, whatever, etc.

The next day, my nephew walks into my room, says he misses my car, asks me if I know why I’m okay, and giggles.

Me: “buh…?”

Nephew: “The angel saved you”

Obviously, this prompted me to weird out and ask everyone in my family what they told him. Everyone swore they didn’t even tell him about the wreck. This is the same nephew who used to talk about the man who flies around the room in a house full of weirdo unexplainable stuff happening, and used to say things about when he used to be big.

He’s 17 now, no longer says or sees weirdo things, and cool as hell. I’ve been tempted to ask him about all that, but frankly, some things may be better off left alone.

– Posted by ihitrecord; Reddit

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