When I was 19 a good friend of mine, Shannon, died in a car accident.

December 18, 2011

When I was 19 a good friend of mine, Shannon, died in a car accident. We were never really sure if it was suicide or not, as she had previously had two failed attempts. Her car ran into one of those big metal light poles on the side of the highway on a sunny, rain-free day. When I heard that she had died I was, of course, shaken up by the fact she had passed but also left wondering whether or not it was intentional.

Fast forward a couple of years, and I’m having this strange dream one night. In my dream I feel somebody sitting down on the edge of my bed (I lived alone at this point in time). This wakes me up (in the dream, not really awake yet) and I see that it is Shannon. I freak out, draw my knees close to my chest and hug them, while repeatedly asking what she is doing there and how she can possibly be there. She tells me that she is doing fine, she’s happy, and to stop worrying about her. I am continuing to freak out, still asleep in said dream. I am actually woken up (not in dream) by my bedroom door slamming shut – I always keep it wide open as my two cats like to sleep with me. When the door slammed and I woke up I realized I was sitting upright in my bed, knees drawn to chest being hugged by my arms, freezing cold, and I found one of my cats literally shaking underneath my bed.

I like to think of myself as a rational person, but that night still freaks me out years later.


– Posted by missmaryalice; Reddit

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