“what do you want me to do”

December 18, 2011

I had a birthday party for my future father in law. He is from Mexico and was telling us stories about his experiences with ghosts down in his town in Guadalajara. We were recording him on video telling these stories for posterity sake, since he is normally a quiet man and doesnt tell many stories. He is explaining one particular time when his son says “id like to experience some of that” to which my future father in law says “no you dont” then pauses and then looks to the side like he heard something and jumps out of his chair with goosbumps all over his arms. He says that he heard someone whispering to him in spanish but couldnt remember what was said.

I remember that we recorded this and have seen white noise, so i am thinking we have an evp or something possibly on the camera. The camera was sitting on a table just focused on my ffl. As we watch it, we catch the exchange with him and my f brother in law. When the camera goes black, then cuts back on after a few seconds and looks like someone is moving it looking at the sky and then the ground, and then all of the sudden goes back to my ffl sitting down and plays the exchange back with him and his son, then myself, my fiance and her niece hear someone whisper to us “what do you want me to do”

I heard it in english, my fiance heard it in spanish and her niece heard it in english. It wasn’t sounding like it came from the camera but like it was actually in my ear in real life. Nobody else heard it but us, and her father heard it again…craziest shit that has ever happened to me.

– Posted by Kalima; Reddit

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