The Haunted Chair

December 18, 2011

Here’s mine. It’s been a few years and I still haven’t come up with a good explanation. It’s long.

The story begins toward the end of college while hanging out with a girl I was interested in at the time. While sharing scary stories she told me about her experiences while working at the law school for the previous year. While the law school building is only a few years old there is a tacit acceptance that the basement is haunted. This girl and another good friend of mine were hired for generic office work at the school which would result in them accessing file storage in the basement.

The basement of the law school is all maintenance. It’s clean, well lit and new. It houses the building’s AC, ventilation and all sorts of other mechanical basement crap. There are two ways down – a stairwell [behind a door] and an elevator.

Primed with the knowledge of this “haunting,” they started noticing strange occurrences around the basement. Doors would open and close on their own, doors would lock without warning, seeing faces in the AC duct observation panes, getting “good” or “bad” feelings in different areas of the basement, generic ghost crap of that nature. It got more interesting as time went by though. There was an office chair in the basement which started to appear wherever they were. If they went into a closet, the chair would be there when they turned around. If they then walked to the other side of the basement… a few minutes later the chair would catch up. There was one occurrence when the chair got caught on a bit of metal on the ground yet still continued to “try” to get to a particular area in the basement. Apparently it was quite literally pushing itself against this obstruction on the floor. As soon as the obstruction was removed, the chair just kept rolling towards this particular door.

This wasn’t it. On one particular occasion that bit of metal that the chair had caught on flew across the basement and barely missed my friend. Very strange stuff. Things that would normally be accounted to a troublemaker or a fantastic prank in the basement… but nobody was ever there. It’s a very convenient story that could be explained away.

My friends started traveling to the basement in pairs from that point on. Other than their pet chair, not a whole lot was happening. When the chair stopped following them it would always end up next to a particular locked door.

Since this was a school, there was video conferencing equipment handy. One of the video conferencing devices had IR emitters around the lens. After getting the door to this mysterious room unlocked, my friends decided to start planting the camera near – and eventually inside – the room.

The room was against the side of the basement. It was maybe 20′ x 15′ with a 25-30′ ceiling. It was an intake chamber for the HVAC system in the building. There was only one normal door [locked] to get inside – no other way in for a person. About 15′ up on one wall [out facing] were the vents that led to a large grate outside the building. This grate was locked in place and protected by a metal screen. On the opposite wall [in facing] was the intake for the HVAC system itself. This intake was made up of a series of vents that were from about 15-25′ off the floor. They led directly into a fan mechanism for the circulation system.

Every day they would record 6 hours of footage in this room. The camera would sit in the room [plugged into AC in the room] and would wirelessly transmit to a receiver just outside the door which was connected to a VCR. Every night they would record footage of the room and would fast forward through it while doing their work the next day. It was pretty easy to find the good days – if nothing happened, the end of the tape would look just like the beginning.

The shot they chose most often was against the back wall of the room facing the door. This would put the exterior vents on the right [up high in shot] and the interior vents on the left. In other words, any access points to the room were visible on the tapes.

I should note that there is a LOT of wind in this room. With that much air flowing through there it was pretty busy. If you left a stack of papers in there they’d probably blow all over.

The videos started pretty innocent. They set up a folding poker table and some white plastic lawn furniture in the room. Sometimes a chair would blow over. No big deal.

But as the weeks of this adventure went by the tapes got stranger. One day the card table collapsed on its own… but righted itself on video. Another time a chair literally lifted off the ground and settled down in a different spot. In another video a ball of masking tape about the size of a softball [another toy they left in there] started rolling around on its own on the table. When one leg of the table collapsed, the ball stayed on the table and actually rolled up against gravity. The table was righted by the morning.

Lots of really freaking weird things happened in these videos. I have seen all of the videos that I just described.

They claim that they were able to draw in the dust on the door and get responses. Generic shit… lines, circles, you name it. I never saw these being made on the video but they insisted. One day [one of the more prominent videos] they got to work and found the camera destroyed. The card table had apparently smashed it. There were also scratches up and down the door.

I still have a copy of this video, it’s the only one that I managed to get her to give me on DVD. The table either starts collapsed or collapses itself during the video [can’t remember]. While adjusting its weight, the table spontaneously hurls directly at the camera and knocks it over [smashing it]. It’s freaking’ weird. It’s not a big deal if you watch the footage… but if you’ve seen the 6 hours of footage prior to it and know the layout of this room, it’s freaky.

I’ve been into this room. I cannot explain what I’ve seen in these videos.

– Posted by MB38 ; Reddit


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