The Black Hole

December 18, 2011

I don’t believe in anything paranormal or spiritual, and I’m a determinist atheist [determinism as in the nihilistic philosophy, not a really determined atheist].

However I did go through something I cannot to this day explain, and that’s more scary to me than what actually happened.

When I was around 10-13, my parents and I were visiting a old fishing island off the coast of my state called Ocracoke island, it now more or less stays alive off tourism alone. We were staying at Blackbeard’s Lodge [The legend of Blackbeard the pirate is a big deal on the island, you can look it up if you’re interested]. We had just settled into our room, and my dad had gone out to get some sodas from a vending machine. This is when it gets a little unbelievable.

I was laying on one of the beds with my mom watching tv. I don’t remember what we were watching, but suddenly the television switched channels to what seemed to be a science channel show about black holes aimed at children, as it feature homer simpson as a sort of narrator companion. I remember vividly seeing homer getting sucked into the black hole. It didn’t bother me that the tv had changed on it’s own, I didn’t even think about it. We were both rock still, and it wasn’t that I couldn’t move, it was just the idea of moving didn’t cross my mind. I felt like I was in a trance. My mom later told me she experienced something along the same lines. The tv then turned off, and directly next to the bed, what I can only describe as a black hole appeared on the wall. It was about a foot and a half in diameter, and was just a black circle on the wall, but it looked like it had depth. There were very dark colors, like dark blue and purple, swirling around the circle as well. We both just sat frozen staring at the hole until my father walked in, saw the hole, and then it disappeared.

Needless to say we left the hotel right then and lodged in another one on the other side of the island. When we talked about it later my mom recounted the story the same way I did, and my dad says he saw the hole on the wall.

I swear this is all 100% true, and I can answer any questions you might have.

– Posted by unicornpenis; Reddit

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