She told him that he would be just fine, and that he had no need to fear the surgery.

December 18, 2011

I’m older, so I have several stories. Many are pretty out there, and most people believe I’m making them up, so I won’t bother you with them. I’ll just say that my kids have just gotten confirmation from an old friend of mine that several of the “ghost stories” I have told them all these years were confirmed independently. He remembered details that I’d forgotten, and told the same stories, just with different details. Now, they’ve heard the stories from two adults.

I’ll give you a simple one. My grandfather got sick a dozen sixteen years ago and went to the hospital. The doctors tried several things to make him better, but after a week or so decided that they had to operate. He was frightened, with good reason.

The day of the operation, he told my grandmother that after she’d left, he was visited by a nurse, one that he’d not seen before. He described her as being very pretty and kind. She didn’t take his temperature or give him any pills or anything, didn’t even check any of the equipment. She just stood at the end of his bed and smiled at him. She told him that he would be just fine, and that he had no need to fear the surgery.

He looked away for a moment, ashamed to have been so afraid, then looked back, but the woman was gone. He had not heard her go. He called the nurse on duty to ask who the other lady was who had come in and reassured him. The nurse on duty assured him that no one had been in his room. His room had been right outside her station, and she was certain no one had entered or exited.

The thing is, as soon as she told him that he didn’t need to be afraid, his fear left him. He was able to watch some TV, then turn in for a restful night of sleep.

He went through the surgery just fine, they removed his spleen. He called me two hours after the surgery, about as happy and upbeat as I’d ever heard him. He decided that he’d been scrimping and saving all of his life, and now it was time to spend that money and have some fun. We talked for an hour about what he’d do when he got out of the hospital. Our call finished about 9:00pm. He died at around 2:00am the next morning.

Who was the mysterious stranger that appeared as if by magic and told him not to be afraid? We will never know. I’m just glad his last 24 hours were without fear.

– Posted by deck_hand ; Reddit

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