I asked if his kids were okay, because I had a horrible feeling he was about to lose them.

December 18, 2011

I was at work one day, Unix system support for AT&T in Downtown Atlanta, when I had a horrible feeling. I could not explain it, but I knew I had to contact a friend of mine and warn him. I went down to the street level and called him on my cell phone.

I asked if his kids were okay, because I had a horrible feeling he was about to lose them. They weren’t with him, they were with their mother, driving from Chattanooga back to Birmingham. I felt a little let down, as if I had expected him to tell me the house was on fire or something, but I continued to attempt to impress upon him the severity of the danger his children were in.

He got spooked and disconnected to call his wife. Later that day, he told me an incredible story. When he got in touch with his wife, she had been trying to call him for 20 minutes or so. She was driving through Georgia, approaching the Alabama state line. She noticed that she was being followed by at least two vehicles: a Ford LTD and a black or dark blue van of some sort.

She had gotten off at an exit, then looped around and gotten back on the Interstate and both vehicles mirrored her actions. Since she did that, they were no longer attempting to hide their pursuit. My friend told his wife to floor it, never mind the speed limit. She pushed her car as close to the maximum speed she dared, but the car and van increased along with her and began to close the gap.

He got on a land-line and called 911, then explained the situation. They contacted the Sherriff’s office for the county where the Interstate entered Alabama. While she was watching the cars get closer, he told her that she only needed to make it to the state line, where they had a road block set up. As soon as those words were out of his mouth, both persuing vehicles locked up their brakes and broke off the chase, turning back to the north through the median.

My friend’s wife stopped at the state line to fill out a police report, but nothing ever came of it.

– Posted by deck_hand; Reddit

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