I am a rationalist and I am an atheist. I do not believe in ghosts. I do not believe in Fox News.

December 18, 2011

I will start this by saying this: I am a scientist (studied at Imperial college of Science, London) and I am a rationalist and I am an atheist. I do not believe in ghosts or the immortal souls of the departed. I do not believe in UFOs. I do not believe in Fox News.

Now, on with the story… I was working and living in Indonesia a few years ago and, as Christmas was coming, I was left to be the only person living in the shared house near Yogyakarta that I had been in for about 2 weeks. Nothing ever creepy had happened as far as I knew and no one ever said anything, nor were there whispers. The only thing that was other than totally normal (with hindsight) was on the day I arrived, the Head of Mission (my boss) was sitting outside on the steps, even though the door was unlocked. He told me he just didn’t like to go into houses alone. I didn’t think about it, or ponder over it.

Anyway, over the weeks I am there, more and more people go back to their villages until it it is only me and another English guy on the penultimate night. Again, nothing weird happens. Next day, he goes. I am quite happy in houses by myself and spend an easy evening watching Home Alone 2 with (at times) the security guard, who I then sent home around midnight. I go to bed expecting a lousy Christmas alone the next day. I hadn’t drunk, or taken drugs an I’ve never done hallucinogens.

I have been in bed less than 5 minutes and I am doing my usual ‘looking around the room’ from bed before my eyes close. There are street lights outside and the light comes in through the window making the room relatively well lit. All of a sdden, I just can’t shake the feeling that I am not alone in the room. It is a strong, strong presence – as strong as when there actually is someone there – and I just couldn’t explain it. I looked a bit more from my bed. It was funny, cos from the way I was lying, the light came in the windows and made it look as if there was a woman wearing long black robes and an Islamic headscarf (jilbab type surrounding her face, like Indonesians wear) stood by the window. The more I looked – and looked away and looked back again – the more it seemed that she was really, actually there. If it hadn’t been for the seemingly invisible part of her main torso, I would have sworn that I was looking at an actual woman, late 40’s or so, severe looking and really, really angry. I could feel the menace through the whole room – and it was a huge room (for a bedroom).

Right… This is the point when I would stop believing you if you were telling me this story. Sorry, but I am a rationalist and believe that there is a reasonable explanation that does not include anything supernatural or even experienced. As a rule I still don’t believe people who claim to have seen ghosts. I think they are mistaken, or a momentary, unexplained shadow must have tricked their eyes or brain or something.

She moved. Right across the window, through the beam of light from outside. Right to the foot of my bed. And stood there, looking at me as severely as if she was furious – FURIOUS – that I was there. I looked right at her face, right into her eyes and saw nothing but anger. Although her body was indistinct and her torso was seemingly see-through, her face was as clear and as well defined as any I have seen in my life.

To say I was terrified was an understatement. My heart beat so fast I genuinely feared that I might have a heart-attack and die in that bed right there. I pulled the duvet over my head, pulled it down again – still there. I was too scared to say anything at all, but I could move and I could feel everything. Through her body I could see the alarm clock and could see the time. She stayed there, growing in menace and presence for something like 35 minutes. I’m not too proud to admit that I was so scared I was almost in tears. For over half an hour it was her and me, staring at each other in this room. After all that time, and just when I thought that it was getting too much and she would attack me or I would die of fright, her body dissolved and transformed into what I can only describe as little balls of light – different sizes from 1-10cm across, but all white – that danced and span above the bed for another few minutes. I was sure I was about to be murdered and went under the sheets again, panicked and terrified.

And then, I felt her presence disappear. I could feel that I was in the room alone again. I couldn’t feel the anger, the presence, the malevolence that I had felt, so I peeked up from under the sheets. The lights were gone and I was alone. I jumped out of bed and scouted around the house. No one was there, nothing was, or felt, unusual at all. I went back to bed and slept well.

A year or so later, my brother’s girlfriend looked into buying that exact house. She told me it had been on the market for over 10 years and was going cheap cheap cheap, even though it was a luxurious place. Why so cheap? Apparently, no one wanted to live in it, because the locals said they were afraid of the ghost 0_o

– Posted by keggitybol; Reddit

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