December 18, 2011

My sister’s boyfriend stayed over one night and in the morning he proceeded to tell me about a horrifying dream he’d had the night before.

He explained that he’d witnessed a passenger aircraft takeoff and suddenly become engulfed in flames before crashing into a building. The thing is that he named the plane – Concorde.

I love aircraft and know a lot about them, so I told him that there had never been a major accident involving any Concorde aircraft.

Later on that day I’m fooling around with my gf at the time when we decide to turn on the TV. I can’t remember specifically how it happened (I’m assuming they broke into the normal schedule to report some breaking news) but I remember my blood running ice cold when they announced that a Concorde flight had crashed just after taking off. I don’t know why but I felt terrified. I still find it unnerving. To my knowledge he’s never experienced anything like that again.

Was it coincidence or did he experience a premonition?

– Posted by The_Quiet_Earth; Reddit


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