Bald Man In The Grey Suit In The Mirror

December 18, 2011

An odd coincidence:

In my childhood home there was a bathroom in the hallway. If you looked in the mirror while washing your hands, you could see down the hallway, toward the front door. At night, I would often see a tall bald man in a grey suit standing there out of the corner of my eye, but he would disappear if I looked directly at him, or turned around.

We moved out of the house, but years later I told my mom about it. Surprised and a little scared, she said she saw the same thing for years. It was a little creepy, but I thought since we both saw the same thing out the mirror in the same spot, it was probably a trick of the light.

Oddly enough, in a separate conversation with my little brother, he mentioned seeing a man in that hallway all the time. I chuckled and said, “Out of the corner of your eye in the downstairs bathroom mirror?” He said, “No, I would see him at the opposite end of the same hallway, but when looking down from upstairs.”

“What did he look like?”

“He was tall and always wore a grey suit.”


What’s weird is that, for years, we were all seeing the same man in the same hallway, but just kept our fear to ourselves. Not until half a decade later after we had moved out of the house did we realize we had all been experiencing the same thing.

– Posted by velotesc; Reddit


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