Turned His Head And Looked At Something My Sister Couldn’t See

December 8, 2011

I’ve always been fascinated with the occult, but I have the distinct feeling that it’s not fascinated with me. I’ve gone exploring in houses and schools that my friends have promised were haunted, and I never feel/see anything other than my own self-induced adrenaline.

But I think my older sister has that “thing” that I’m missing because strange, inexplicable things seem to pepper her life story. I’ll share a “pleasant” one.

Both my mom’s parents died of cancer about…five/six years ago. My grandpa came down with Prostate cancer first, and almost as soon as he was taken out of the hospital and put on hospice, my grandma (his wife) was diagnosed with lung cancer. After he died was when she really started to decline. They’d been married for 50 years; she only made it 4 months after he passed.

Anyway, during the 4 months when she was still here, my older sister kept talking about seeing grandpa everywhere (she was 25 at the time), mostly in her dreams, though often in the house he and grandma had shared for 30+ years (both of them died in the house also). She said he would just seem to pace and sit around, doing nothing. Even if she couldn’t see him, she would have the sense that he was in the house somewhere, lulling around. In her dreams, she would be going about her business, and he just kinda followed her around, chatting about whatever. nothing out of the ordinary; he just seemed to be “hanging around,” she used that term all the time. And it definitely wasn’t sinister. She just felt like grandpa was still there with her. That he wasn’t actually dead; just walking around, talking about golf and his favorite westerns like he always did.

The night that grandma died, my sister said she was dreaming again that she was hanging out with Grandpa. She said he stopped chatting for a minute, turned his head and looked at something my sister couldn’t see. She said he then turned back to her, grinning, said he loved her, and then walked off. She woke up a few minutes later to the sound of her cell phone vibrating. My mom told her the news (grandma died at around 4am), and my sister hasn’t dreamed of grandpa or felt him since.

I think he was waiting for my grandma. It’s stuff like this that makes me wish I were more sensitive to the things that I believe are out there.

– Posted by Drop-Dead-Fred; Reddit


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  1. That’s nice… My experiences also suggest that already-dead loved ones actually stay (or come back) to help you cross over. At least I am pretty sure that as my grandpa passed away his mother was there. I first sensed her there by his hospital bed, and then when he actually passed away she awoke me from my dream and told me that he was gone. Very comforting!

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