Dreaming Of A Canyon

November 24, 2011

One time when my dad was a kid his dad comes downstairs looking worried/spaced out. Dad’s mom asks what’s wrong in front of the whole family and my dad’s dad says: “my dad died last night.”

Everyones like WTF… This is before email or cell phones or anything and they hadn’t heard anything.

Phone rings a bit later and sure enough it’s one of the family informing my grandpa that his dad had died. Now everyone’s feeling really spooked and asks my grandpa how he knew.

Said he had a vivid dream of staring over a wide canyon and watching his dad walk down the canyon, walk across, the climbs up the other side. Gets up on the other side, turns around and waves while saying goodbye.

He’s had other paranormal experiences if anyones interested.

– Posted by [deleted] ; Reddit


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