November 20, 2011

I was maybe 9 years old when this happened. We had relatively recently moved neighborhoods, and I-being the oldest of three girls- got to have my own bedroom. I had my great-grandmother’s full bed in the middle of my square room. I loved it.

One night I woke up, sometime around 2-4am, and I saw my mom standing in my doorway. Something about her was off- I don’t remember anymore if she was pale and translucent, or silver, or how she specifically looked, but she was standing in my doorway staring at the wall across from her. I asked, “Mom?” thinking that she had come in to tuck me in. She started slowly walking down along the edge of my bed, and the whole time I was chanting, “Mom..? Mooooom…? Mommm??” She never registered a word. She turned the corner and started walking up towards the head of the bed, still very slow, and when she reached about the pillow-area where I was curled, she started to slowly tilt her head down to look at me and vanished.

I freaked out immediately, and I jumped out of bed and ran to my parents’ room. Their sliding door was shut, so I opened it quietly and saw my parents fast asleep, the light on next to my mom’s side where she had been reading a book and passed out. It was even open to a page on her arm where it slipped from her hand. I know for a fact that she did not physically get up and had not been in my room, and it to this day creeps me out when I remember that slow pace, just walking around my room….

Another story, in the same house, but while we were in the process of moving in: We bought the house from a man who died from a heart attack. It was a fixer-upper, and we had only been in the house a few nights. I woke up (again, 2-4am), really thirsty, so I went down the hall into the kitchen to get some water. There was a split at the end of the hallway- you go right into the kitchen, or left into the front room. I noticed something out of the corner of my eye, and I discovered our rocking chair was moving. I assumed maybe my cat had jumped off of it, but then I remember that she was sleeping on my bed. I grabbed water and peeked around the corner to look into the room again, and I saw the rocking chair still moving. There was a mirror on the wall opposite to the chair, and I could see this faint outline of a person in the mirror, rocking with the chair. I heard a little whispered “Good night” and then the rocking chair slowed, like someone had left it. I was oddly not scared, just kind of soothed and I was suddenly very tired… I’m still not sure why.

The next day I asked my mother about the man that owned the house. She said that the hospice workers had found him dead in his favorite rocking chair in the front room, and that he had been a nice old man. I guess that’s why he didn’t scare me?

– Posted by shortcandy; Reddit


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