Twin Sympathy

November 15, 2011

A past friend of mine told me this story, not really ghostly, but still weird…
My friend was a twin & studying nursing with me. Her other twin had gone away to Sydney for work or study or something.
My friend was studying at home one night, when she felt an awful, searing pain in her side. This went on and on, so her mum took her to the hospital. Tests, scans were done but nothing showed up, & eventually the pain subsided. The Dr said it may be a grumbling appendix, & to return if the pain got worse.
Anyway, my friend got a phone call later from an acquaintance in Sydney who knew her family. She told my friend that they were at the hospital with her sister – who had been admitted with appendicitis which had to be removed!
My friend felt twin sympathy pains and yet she was thousands of kilometers away. She found out later that the time her sister was having her appendix removed, was the time she had the most awful pain!
Weird or what?

– Posted by carolmaccas66; Allnurses


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