They Didn’t Serve Food

November 15, 2011

I was working on location, cast and crew stopped in a small town about an hour outside of Dublin for dinner and a beer. The only place that was open was a bar with a chalkboard sign advertising bar food. We walked through the door and it was pretty busy, lots of people in there chatting away to each other.

Until they saw us and didn’t recognise us, whereupon they all stopped talking and just stared blankly at us. All of them, perhaps 40-50 men and a woman behind the bar, all just staring at us. The director asked if they had a table for us for dinner and the barmaid, holding a plate of steaming some-sort-of-meat-and-chips, said they didn’t sell food. As we left, bemused, three of them came to the door to make sure we drove on.

We drove on. Quickly.

 Posted by mayihavesomebread; Reddit

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