The Room Was Empty

November 15, 2011

I heard an interesting story a few weeks ago. Part of the hospital has been rebuilt and faces on to our unit. Nurse doing something near the window looks across and sees two people moving about in one of the clinic rooms (it’s after hours and clinic is shut). She called a colleague over who also saw these two people. They call security who go over and check out the room; nobody there. A while later the nurses again see these two people moving around so … they call security. This time the security guys split up – one stands with the nurses while the other one went over to the clinic to check again.

The scary part of this is that the security guys were talking on the radio. The one in the clinic states that the room is empty, but the other security guard standing in our unit with the two nurses could actually see these two people, standing right beside the security guard while he was talking…

– Posted by MaryAnn_RN; Allnurses


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